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Some tips to help create a better home...
»  Use low energy lighting for your homes, like compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs.
»  Turn off your PCs, Tvs, instead of leaving them in standby mode.
»  Go Solar! Utilize Solar energy! Install solar panels in the terrace for domestic hot water supply or install solar water heating     system for heating water.
»  Install a switch that turns off if usage exceeds defined limit to check power usage.
»  Use sensor lights in common passages, which switch on or off based on human movement in the vicinity.
tenement in vadodara
»  Location/s in terms of one’s preference.
»  Accessibility to public places like market, hospital, station, schools.
»  Development potential of the area based on current and potential commercial development likely, development of the area     over the past five years and that expected in the next five to ten years.
»  Quality vis a vis the type of material used, the structural strength, etc.
»  Dimensions, i.e., super built up area, built up area and carpet area.
»  Hidden costs like stamp duty, maintenance charges, and other charges.
»  Future appreciation & returns based on past statistics for that area, current scenario and future potential.
»  Price. Beware of exceptionally low or high prices compared to those of the majority of developers in that area and for the     type of unit, i.e., flat, tenement, bungalow, etc.
»  Comparison of different projects in preferred to location before making the final decision.


Apartment in Vadodara


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tenement in Vadodara

tenement in vadodara